How to Play

Don't get 0 correct.... there's a bit of luck involved. If you get 0 correct, it blows up and your wins start over.
It's relatively easy if you get it right from the beginning - thinking of how to make it a bit harder.
Maybe there will be more levels....

Click "Start", "Check Now", or pull a wire to start the clock.

Defuse the bomb by pulling the correct wires. Click "Check Now" to see how many you have right (or press your ENTER key). Get ZERO correct... boom. Take too long... boom.

When you have 4 right, you have defused the bomb.

CAUTION! If you get ZERO right, the bomb will also explode.

The number in the top left is how many you've gotten right before the last time the bomb blew up.

LD48/27 entry by Ben McGaughey (LD: bugninja) @benmc

v1.3a-e 25-8-2013 1:01pm PST
  • Added more sounds
  • Added Defused and Boom messages to make game play more clear.
  • Realized just how EASY this game is... need to make it harder.
  • Added best score!
  • Fixed loading bugs for coming HTML5 version
v1.2a 25-8-2013 11:08am PST
  • Music added, made with
  • Eplode sound added
  • Added clicking noises to wires and buttons
v1.1 a-c 25-8-2013 10:19am PST
  • Updated with graphics to make objectives more clear
  • Added the Flash preloader
  • Now you have to pull a lead, click "Check Now" or "Start" to start the clock.
  • It says what the number on the top right is.
  • The rules are more clear
  • Bug fixes
v1.0 25-8-2013 3:07am PST
  • Released!