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1/27/2014: Spin the Plates!
Try our new, free, fast-paced plate spinning game, just released on Google Play!

1/27/2013: Try our #1GAM entry "End Game" on Google Play. It's like Doodle Tiles but a bit streamlined.

1/27/2013: Check out our new Frequently Asked Questions page if you have support issues with our games.

12/23/2012: Snowboard Speed Slalom! Launched for FREE on Android!
Snowboarding game with slalom gates to go through on Android with tilt controls.

12/20/2012: Sled Jock Launched for FREE on Android!
Our new downhill sledding game with tilt controls.

11/19/2012: 9 Iron Ninja website goes live!

10/26/2012: 9 Iron Ninja announced.

10/4/2012: It's been a long time since we've added news, but we're hard at work on our new game. Stay tuned, we're almost done :)

4/23/2012: Read our Interview on

4/23/2012: Please check our our LudumDare 23 Jam Entry.

4/18/2012: Scorched Monster version 1.2 is LIVE on the App Store and FREE for a limited time!!!!

4/11/2012: Update version 1.2 of Scorched Monster sent to Apple and released on Android
+ Added Moving Monsters! (You must "Start Over" on your current rank to enable them)
+ Hearts now indicate lives rather than "bars"
+ NEW CUSTOM MUSIC by Gavin Harrison!!!
+ For NEW players, we added a new Rank called Beginner that will help get players started.

3/31/2012: Announcing the coming launch of Zombie Rundown!

3/14/2012: Scorched Monster updated in Android Market
+ No more loading screens!
+ Added fun animations for each of the Power-Ups :)
+ Hearts represent life now, instead of power bars.
+ Twitter Button added to home screen
+ Fixed bug where pause button touch area was too small.
+ Removed the opening screen and replaced with tips
+ Added How-To Button in the Pause Screen
+ You can now see your rank and arena when you get the notice that a game is in progress.

3/14/2012: Fun-Putt Mini Golf Full updated with new 9-Hole Deluxe Course 7
3/14/2012: Sports Game Bundle updated with new 9-Hole Deluxe Course 7
For Immediate Release as of March 12, 2012
Scorched Monster: New 2D Platform Game for iPhone and Android



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